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Fleuriste Paris

The prettiest flower, at the right place, at the right moment.

For Pascal Mutel, Floral Design is primarily a living art where the flower, constantly moving with the seasons, always a different color, shape and scent, reflects feelings and our intentions. With all this variety available, it is at your service at the right time.

For almost thirty years, Pascal Mutel has imposed his style by becoming a reference in creating bouquets and floral decorations. He managed to revitalize a little drowsy trade to make each composition a privileged moment of everyday life, "a moment of re-enchantment".

Pascal Mutel creates Floral Design for the first time in 2005 and treats the container and the content with equal prominence. He invites all lovers of bouquets to discover a new language of flowers where the colors, textures and shapes combine to create new unrivaled floral items.

Real trend setter Pascal Mutel passionately lives his craft and shares it every day with the same generosity.


Born in 1969 in Clermond Ferrand, Pascal Mutel first visited the world (Africa, Oceania, United States, England) before deciding to establish in Paris after a floral training in la Piverdière (Angers). 

In 1991 he opens his first shop in Montmartre and creates his first big events. (Grand prix d'Amérique at Vincennes, Meurice, Lanvin etc).

In 1995, with the success of his creative approach, Pascal Mutel decided to set up his shop 95 rue de Courcelles Paris 17 to get closer to his clientele already very present in the "golden triangle". 
In 1998, he was chosen to be the exclusive florist for the Soccer World Cup in all the French locations.
In 2005, Pascal Mutel took over his friend's Christian Tortu famous shop with his sister, 6 rue Carrefour de l'Odéon 75006 Paris.

In 2012, he organized all his activities rue de Courcelles and created a decoration factory outside of Paris.

In 2019, Pascal Mutel Design Floral continues its projects of Grand Evenementiel and flowers the largest institutional or private receptions, palaces to the big Parisian Hotels, ministries, embassies and more than 250 companies trust him.

Creator of the "Floral Design" (the first to have used this designation, much copied since), Pascal Mutel style, the use of the most beautiful flower chosen, worked most simply and naturally, is today the reference .

A major actor in Christmas decoration, through his dedicated teams and Bouafle's workshop (78), he creates and builds many sets for the end of the year festivities.

Today he is known as one of the most famous florists of his generation.

Pascal Mutel is also

  • President of the florist trade union chamber in the Parisian region.
  • President of the Ecole des Fleuristes de Paris (450 students)
  • Chevalier du Mérite for agriculture
  • President of the Jury and jury of the biggest flower contests: Best Worker of France, French Cup, Best Apprentice of France, Wedding Paradise
  • 1st florist of Ile de France to invest in Sustainable Development through its convention created in 2008.
  • VAL'HOR member
  • Creator of a Traceability Charter for more than 60% of plants. Producers identified and valorized.
  • Creator of "Portraits of Producers"; producers promotion in hotels through thematic weeks.
  • Developer of a Floral Art training course for Japanese, Korean and Chinese people.
  • Leader in High-end Flowering in Paris (Palaces, Major Events, Major Weddings, Christmas Decorations in France and abroad)

Today he is known as one of the most famous florists of his generation.

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