Floral design

The prettiest flower, at the right place, at the right moment.

For Pascal Mutel, Floral Design is primarily a living art where the flower, constantly moving with the seasons, always a different color, shape and scent, reflects feelings and our intentions. With all this variety available, it is at your service at the right time.

In over twenty years, Pascal Mutel has imposed his style by becoming a reference in creating bouquets and floral decorations. He managed to revitalize a little drowsy trade to make each composition a privileged moment of everyday life, "a moment of re-enchantment".


Pascal Mutel creates Floral Design for the first time in 2005 and treats the container and the content with equal prominence. He invites all lovers of bouquets to discover a new language of flowers where the colors, textures and shapes combine to create new unrivaled floral items.

Real trend setter Pascal Mutel passionately lives his craft and shares it every day with the same generosity.