Lessons and training

Experience is important only if you share it, Pascal Mutel has chosen this value. Sharing with his partners in his boutiques or sharing then with clients and professionals.

In his classes, Pascal Mutel talks about important themes, for individuals and professionals according to their specifics needs.



For an individual, he gets closer to the client in teaching how to set a table, how to choose and buy flowers and prepare both the inside and outside of the bouquets.

Four modules are proposed. Don't hesitate to contact us to know the various offers and prices. 

Exemples :

COLLECTIVE CLASSE : 5 people minimum

The theme has been chosen in advance, according to the season. Each customer will walk away with his composition. Price : 195 € for 2 hours

INDIVIDUAL CLASSE : by appointment

The theme has been chosen in advance with each customer who will walk away with his compositions.

All classes are held in Pascal's workshop.



For professionals, he will be thinking of the event as a whole in order to teach them creative artistic and technical possibilities.

Price on request

In both cases, there is only one rule: 'The prettiest flower, at the right place, at the right moment.