Sustainable development

Pascal Mutel  is commited to sustainable development and invites today all consumers as well as the professionnals to commit with him.

The alarm signal : the flowers and the environnement

The origin of my work is the gathering and the nature.  I am inspired by them naturally. If you have to sell flowers that destroy the planet , reject pesticides , consume too much energy , it is antinomic with the messages of love, sharing , and generosity, which I always wanted to transmit through my bouquet. One cannot say : I am selling very beautiful flowers and contributing at the same time to destroy the planet.

For me, it is important to have a social and environmental  process which is part of  a holistic approach. This is at the origin of my commitment  to sustainable development.

I am blowing the wisthle. We are selling cheap , overheated, fertilized, superligtedned flowers to reduce the cost of production .

I want to report practices that  increase the cycle of production, promotes nothing but high-yielding varietes and impoverishment of  diversity. All these are detrimental to the quality and respect of vegetal. Certain actors are only looking at the price, while the product is incidental, and environmental  concerns are non-existant.

There can be no process of quality without a total respect of flowers.


How do we choose our suppliers? Local production or importation.

Since 25 years , I have supported and worked  extensively with local producers. We have a local production of very good quality with significant and admirable know- how.

Recently such approach has become fashionable. It is not only virtuous in terms of tranport, but also a guarantee of an extra-ordinary quality : the freshness, which make it possible to sell flowers picked the previous day.

Short circuits enable to  pick up the flowers at their optimum stage, to get their best quality, and avoid the  constrains related to transport, logistics and temperature.



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