The Spirit of Maison Pascal Mutel, Paris

The spirit of Maison Pascal Mutel in Paris

Based on historical know-how, but resolutely turned towards the future, la Maison Pascal Mutel, shines with an abundant creativity that goes beyond our history. We are deeply thankful to all those who, through their hands, their commitment, their know-how and their passion, toil for the success of our company and their commitment to traditions of human values, sharing and mentoring that make up our DNA and infuses all we do. In this world of constant motion, we consider Floral Art an exciting, sustainable and human adventure.

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La Maison Pascal Mutel in Paris : A History


La Maison Pascal Mutel draws its values and roots from the history of its founder: a man who spent his childhood in the Auvergne where cycling, fishing, cabins and walks in the forest were his daily playgrounds.

"From this period was born his visceral relationship with nature, an understanding of the seasons, a creativity closely linked to this bucolic, but solitary imagination."

However, Pascal Mutel first had to go through the army. Three years in the elite 1st Parachute Hussars Regiment instilled in him a sense of discipline, rigor and commitment, which are values that he passed on to his colleagues and partners.

A revelation

After this experience and a stay in London where he discovered flowers, he started working at Rungis to understand and come to grips with a rapidly changing ecosystem. It was a time when the flower world was shifting away from local and artisanal production to imported Dutch flowers and others, which imposed more rationalized and standardized production.

But just like the army where he lacked freedom, the absence of artistic dimension in the distribution pushed him to acquire at the Piverdière, the most beautiful school of floral art of its time, the essential techniques that he would put to work fulfilling his creative appetite. Time for a revelation.

The Start of the Adventure

In January 1991, the first Pascal Mutel boutique opened its doors on rue Caulaincourt in the heart of the typical and glamorous Montmartre popular with artists.

"At the opposite end of the spectrum from the traditional and stuffy codes, Pascal Mutel brings an authentic countryside vibe to the city that attracts passers-by."

The success was immediate and prestigious clients such as the Maison Lanvin, the Hotel Meurice and the Vincennes racecourse placed orders for the flowering of its Grand Prix.

Four years later, a change of size and address, his sister Céline and his mother joined him in the adventure. The House grew and expanded. It left the hilltop for the Plaine Monceau and moved to 95 rue de Courcelles, which is now our flagship.

Towards consecration

Fame came unexpectedly, like during the World Cup 98 where the Maison Mutel was hire to decorate stadiums, sponsor villages and tables of all the buffets and dinners across France. A gigantic and precise undertaking that he led with brilliance as one leads a campaign, where his precision, his attention to detail and his rigor definitively established his reputation.

And from the diversity of his clients, from Parisian palaces and luxury homes to cultural or institutional events, acreative energy was born, which allows us to successfully reinvent ourselves each time.

From then on, from Monte-Carlo to Qatar, by way of Switzerland or Morocco, Pascal Mutel instilled his vision and a uniquly opulent and refined style that allowed him to flower the most beautiful palaces or gala dinners until he became the reference for great Christmas decorations.


As soon as he opened in Montmartre, Pascal Mutel welcomed young apprentices to pass on his know-how and discipline.

"Today, seventeen of those young apprentices have created their own brand and in turn pass on this vision of excellence."

Quite naturally he became involved in the Chambre Syndicale d'Île-de-France, of which he became president in 2018. The chamber manages the Paris Florist School and under his impetus, with the support of all the great Parisian florists, the school began its transformation, attracting the Best Craftsmen of France who regularly visit, and aims to become the world reference in Floral Art.

La Maison Pascal Mutel in Paris : a style

Free, elegant...

Free and elegant, audacious, even sumptuous, the style of the Maison Pascal Mutel has remained a sure thing over the years, as much for the quality as for the benevolence and generosity brought to the creations that leave our workshops.

Elegance first of all, because the flower occupies the central place in the House. It can thus deliver all its emotional charge and respond to every circumstance.

Freedom, too, through the range of artistic expressions that our know-how and our values offer to our profession.

Boldness and splendor, finally, to carry the excellence and discipline of any great house. 

In the respect that we have for the flower, for our profession, for our customers, discipline is the right balance of requirements: too much would become stiff, too little would lead to sloppiness.

The style of the House is also the benevolence

o our employees so that each one of them can make the codes their own and live out their collaboration to the fullest in success and fulfillment.

With this exceptional know-how, our clients can also count on this thoughtfulness to enhance their choice and provide them with support and advice at all times.

The values of Maison Pascal Mutel in Paris

"Sustainable excellence at the service of Maison Pascal Mutel."

The success of the House is the result of an uncompromising ethics on these skills. It is rooted in a sense of responsibility, the quest for authenticity, respect for time/seasons and resources from nature.

"A global knowledge of the industry to aim for excellence."

Innovation, the search for the most beautiful flowers, the best producers, the sharing and updating of our exceptional know-how drive us daily.

  • Meeting producers without limiting ourselves to a geographical area or a technique, but with a view to selecting products of excellence, which are often the combination of a terroir and the know-how of a producer.
  • Supporting small local producers, exchanging with them and helping them to improve their skills, by offering them a better visibility for their products.

The short circuit offers a non-standardized product, picked at the best stage of development, these flowers are often emotional bombs, because they come from a know-how of excellence.

"Passing on our know-how to young people."

Since its inception, the house has been training apprentices. More than fundamental life skills and know-how, we give them a sense of real work. Making them proud of their contribution to the success of the company is one of the values we pass on, so that later on they will be able to meet the challenges if they are in charge of their own boutique or in other companies.

Developing the kindness towards each person that they will pass on to our customers is one of the keys to our durability and our difference.

The passion of these young people and their motivation with regard to their skills are decisive for their integration into the company.

Reasoned culture

Identifying, selecting, tracing: the guarantees of an irreproachable quality.

Maison Pascal Mutel is supplied by the best stakeholders, wholesalers or producers, and can identify the origin of most of its flowers and guarantee the quality of its creations by this traceability.

Today, we cannot do this job without developing a reasoned purchasing policy. Pascal Mutel has decided to support small local producers by working with them and offering them the best visibility for their products.
Of course the short circuit allows to have a non-standardized product, picked at the best stage of development. Flowers from this circuit are often emotional bombs, because they are the result of a know-how of excellence.

To engage such an approach, it is necessary to be fully aware of the expectations and constraints of these producers, but also to integrate them into a global approach of selections. Not everything can be produced in France and it is possible to source excellent products outside the country, in countries where flower production is an essential national resource.

And beyond an essential "control", it is more an orientation of reassurance to perpetuate our trades, but also for our customers.

By instigating this profound change of culture, Maison Pascal Mutel has been able to instill the necessary energy with pedagogy, accompaniment and determination for a collective movement.
With time, the producers, most of whom have become true partners, regularly keep in touch with us for the best possible feedback.
This overview and constant search for excellence implies taking into account the stakes of sustainability and quality at each stage from production/planting to marketing.

"The knowledge and connection, of all these factors: seasonality, terroir, know-how, history, selection, logistics, distribution channels, men, which make an exceptional product."

Maison Pascal Mutel in Paris: a team

A team

The excellence at the service of the House is based on the blossoming and well-being of a high-performance team.

Great professionals, each with a solid technical background, the House's collaborators bring their competence and open the field of different horizons, as much by their experiences, their origins and their cultures as by their age. With this diversity, which fosters an enthusiastic team spirit, the company captures and anticipates the aspirations of our clients of today and tomorrow.

Those who have "grown up" within the establishment and who know all the codes of the house and of our customers are real pillars for the new talents who come each year to enrich the house with their skills, whether they are apprentices or come from other boutiques.

And because they are in a way the memory of the House, the elders bring security and stability when the "youngest" open the way to innovations in both trends and uses.

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